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Sep 14, 2007
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OK so I decided that I am going to get one or two SB-28dx.
I know people are going to recommend sb-600/800 but I don't want to or think I need to spend that much money for what I want these flashes to do. Unless, someone tells me that this is the worst flash I can buy.

My question is what do I need to trigger this flash off camera with my D40? (link please if possible)

Lastly what are pocket wizards?

This site helped me out a lot.

Here's the PocketWizard site. They're wireless triggers and kind of expensive, but uber popular and reliable. Some light meters actually have a built in PocketWizard trigger.

I did see somewhere that there are some wireless triggers that are cheaper (read not as good as the pocket wizard) but still great for general home/learning use. I don't remember that link though.
Thanks that helped out a lot
Can somebody give me a link to the remote triggers from ebay the guy was talking about in the strobist video above? thanks
No. because it's just as fast for you to type "flash trigger" into ebay. If you don't get 50+ results then you spelt it wrong.
Honestly as is shown on strobist you do not necesarrily need a dedicated flash to acccomplish excellent lighting. He suggests Vivitars throughout his site.

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