Nikon MF21 the N8008 MultiFunction Back - Need 'How To' Help

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by PaulBennett, May 9, 2008.

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    I haven't been unable to find a web-manual so I seek instructions.

    My MF-21 is brand new guaranteed to Nikon factory spec with new batteries.
    Intuitive things I have been able figure out:
    1) Set the clock,
    2) Turn on/off PRINT
    3) Set ISO for print intensity,
    4) Set and turn on/off bracketing
    5) Set and turn on/off focus prior (priority?)(prior=previous?)

    Interval - noting 3 items which I can set -
    1) Start Time (but what does this mean since it doesn't know time of day)
    2) IntTime which means ?? time between frames?
    3) Lastly '3F-00' which means ?? 3 frames perhaps
    4) I cannot set the mode ON

    Long Exp
    1) the word 'bulb' flashes
    2) buttons do nothing

    Any help or WAGS (wild a$$ guesses) greatly appreciated.


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