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    Good day, I amplanning to buy a ultrazoom digital camera (not DSL) but I am notable to choose between the models mentioned on the title. I read manycomments about them but none of them was totaly usefull for me,because each people have different needs and the comments were forthese people. Per example for someone an external mic. connection canbe a good feauture but I will never use it. Also some comparisionsites gives good points to X camera for some feature that I willnever use it. So I decided to write my own post and so people whoknows about cameras can help me.
    Until now I was avery amateur camera user, always taking photos with automatic modeand with small compact low quality cameras. I dont know anyphotografer tricks and techniques (except I know that the sun shouldbe on my back :) Now on the eve of my 1 month Canada trip I amdecided to buy something good and improve my photografer techniques.Because until now all the pictures taken by me were full of noisedecent pictures and looking to these pictures doesn't gives me anysatisfaction.
    Probably some ofyou will ask me the question: why not a DSL? In fact I am notplanning to be a pro on taking pictures nor to go around with heavycameras and a lot of lenses. I would like only to be able to takenice and good quality pictures for an average amateur knowing sometechniques. Since taking pictures is not a passion for me, I dontwant to spend too much on this hobby.
    So ultrazoomcompact cameras attracted me, both for they high optical zoom featureand both for their several attirbutes. But I am comfused and dontknow what to buy. I checked:
    NIKON P500 –P510 / CANON SX40HS / PANASONIC FZ150 / SONY HX100V – HX200V
    These are my fewremarks about these models:
    • Did the GPS system is it a usefull thing or is something never used? I read about some websites that you can mark your pictures but is it really used or I will never use it?
    • Since I am not a photografer I think that the 0 cm or 1 cm macro will not be a serious difference for me.
    • I am planning to take max 3MP pictures beause I will just check them on the PC or even if a print them they will be a small size pictures. So the Panasonic FZ150's Intelligent Auto zoom which increases its actual 24x optical zoom to 32x can be usefull for me?
    • Canon SX40 has a 2,7inch LCD which is smaller and with its 230.000 dots low resolution have the smallest and worst LCD between all the other models. Is this really an important point or I will never see the difference?
    • I think some of these cameras have a slower zoom and some of them have some difficulties to focus. Is think that this is real important.
    • Per example Panasonic FZ150 have also a manual zoom and this manual zoom attribute can be changed to manual focus too. This seemed to be a real good attitude for me, am I right?
    • I don't know anything about the processors of these cameras and which could be better, but I think that all of them have a CMOS sensor.
    • Some of them have the Panoramic pictures abilitie which is an important point for me. But some have only the panaromic picture helper, which I think is helping to take a panoramic picture but you are able to merge these pictures only with the software on the PC. Is it an important negative point or with the software this operations is easy and fast?
    • In general the comments that I heard and read were not reccomending me the Sony between these cameras.
    • For the Nikon and Sony I put two models, probably the new ones are better but I dont want to discard completely the old ones due to their lower price.
    I would be reallyglad if you can comment on my post and recommend me somethingcompering them. Thanks in advance.


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