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Feb 26, 2012
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I am not really a photography buff. I had a old Sony DSC-F707 For a lot of years and it just gave up. Retired now and wanted to get more into Photography. So I went out and bought Nikon P7000.

No familiarity with my old Sony DSC-F707 that’s for sure.

The one think that really bothers me (and it seems so elementary) about this camera is previewing the picture before it is taken. I am used to making adjustments aperture and (shutter setting lighting settings ect) and seeing the effects of my adjustments on the screen or in the optical viewer before I take the picture. (I can see the picture before it is taken) You should be able to see the effects of changing the f stop or shutter speed, light and darkness controls on the the screen so you can have a idea how the picture will turn out.

As I said I am very unfamiliar with the P7000 so I hope I am missing something here. Can you preview the picture before you take it with this camera??. It does not seem right that I have to take a picture before I can see the effects of my adjustments. it seems illogical to make a camera in such a way.

Like I said I am Beginner-pleae bear with me and any help or comments are appreciated.

On my old DSC F707 I could the effects of adjustments before I took the picture.

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