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Nikon P950 is fun


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Sep 5, 2015
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Small sensor but I can set it up to just focus on shooting. Program auto...lol it's light and viewfinder has a setting where you can put the frame inside it.



Seems like we get so wrapped up in all the technical part that we forget the "fun" part. Nice set!
You are working that P950 and you are making me want one.LOL
Very nice set. The dragonfly does it for me.
I have a Canon Powershot SX10 IS that was my favorite, until one of my sons busted the battery door. Need to fix that so I can start using it again. Great point-and-shoot with decent zoom range and macro.
Is that a new piece of gear? I've always found that family of cameras intriguing. It certainly appears capable very good results.

I bought it last summer. I gave my Canon SX60HS to a friend and I really missed it so I picked this Nikon P950 up based on research. I have better cameras but I just like this for fun. I don't use it a lot but is nice to travel with. Believe it or not, I have seen some pro photographers using them in studio with lighting, getting exceptional results. I have also seen some seriously good images with wildlife as well. They make a dot sight for it for birds in flight and I plan on trying that this week as well.

Here is one guy
Jeb Loftin - KAVYAR
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1st one is very nice because it's an extreme close up that I usually don't see. I've seen many photos on flickr shot w/ that series of cameras and I'm always impressed.

Here's one
Elios Amati
I gave my Canon SX60HS to a friend and I really missed it so I picked this Nikon P950 up

wait, what? i thought if someone moved from canon to nikon or vice versa the world would stop spinning.

fantastic series. glad you're making out with the new gear.

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