Nikon SB800 Master, XXXXX Slave ??

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Aug 28, 2007
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If using an SB800 for a master flash [I love this flash for the record], is it REALLY required to get more of these expensive SB800 flashes for additional slaves? Or is an SB600 or 3 going to do the job? [for say back flashing, spots, etc]

Real worlde experienced answers requested, please.
You can use the SB600's in conjuction with the SB800's. I have one of each. You'll miss the obvious extra output and some additional functionality of the SB800, but the SB600 is a nice alternative for the price difference.

I've been using the pop-up as the master so far only because I haven't bothered to figure out what the SU-4 setting on the SB800 will do for me.
SU-4 is a flash reactive trigger. Which allows you to trigger the SB-800 from any flash even that of a point and shoot. So if you have a crap camera or lack CLS on your Nikons or need to use it with a Canon then set it to SU-4 and set your oncamera flash to -3EV so it doesn't affect the image and volah.
This is one of those questions that ask... do you need it? No... but do you WANT it? Most definately!

The only thing about the SB-600 that I am not sure about is, in a CLS setup, can the SB-600 slave from your D80's internal flash? I know it can on my D200. In that scenario, you could have 2 off camera flashes.

Either way, as Garbz mentioned, there is always the SU-4 mode, and that works darn well. Just note that if another camera with flash is in the area, it will set off your remote flashes from their flash.

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