Nikon TC-201 Teleconverter w/ Tamron 75-300 LD AF Zoom

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    I recently purchased a Tamron 75-300 1:4-5.6 LD lens. I had the Nikon 70-300 'G', but traded to the Tamron because I wanted a lens that would work on my trusty FE2, as well as my D80. (Yes, I still like to shoot film.)

    I also have a Nikon TC-201 teleconverter that I have owned for many years. Nikon states that this is for lenses up tp 200mm focal length. (The TC-301 is ostensibly for 300mm+ lenses.) Though I haven't tried shooting any photos as yet, I have played around with the converter on the Tamron lens and it seems to work fine. No AF, of course, but that's of no consequence on the FE2. Metering seems to work perfectly.

    I'm thinking it should work okay and convert the lens to a 150-600 for use on the FE2. I would probably keep the aperture to f/11 or smaller just to be safe. There are no clearance issues with the moving internal elements. I made sure of that before I tried it. Is there any other reason that I should not use the TC-201 with this lens?


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