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Jan 11, 2012
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Hen is the Nikon D800 coming out that replaces the D700 ?????:'. :/

new York
Anything you hear is pure speculation at this point.

PS. is your name New York?
No that's where I'm from but for some reason my app won't let me put in more info on my I phone

new York
Nikon rumors is saying the 7th... and we all know that has to be the truth, right? /sarcasm!
Lol I like the sarcasm lol but I really hope for the 7 th

new York N
Feb 6 and 7 are both correct. It will be Feb 6 New York time and Feb 7 Tokyo time.
When a product is just new to the market is not the best economic time to buy. That is when demand is at its highest and supply at its lowest and prices at their highest. When supply has satisfied bent up demand is the best time to buy. When D800's (or whatever the next one is going to be called) are on offer at nearly every corner camera shop is the best time to cut a deal on one. Then, or near the end of its product cycle.

But then again, not every purchase decision is based on sound economic principles. If your heart is early set on one, or your needs can't be met otherwise, then buy when you can.

Remember, these things are not investments, they are depreciating assets. My main source of income is not from taking pictures, therefore I tend to be a bit cautious when purchasing these toys and buy them when the timing is right. Does not mean I won't get what I want, but I'll be reasonable as to when I get it. My retirement funds, my kid's education fund and my standby operating funds are way more important to me than getting the latest toys at their highest prices.
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The problem with chasing the price performance point is that you end up with 3 year old gear. The D700 is a bargain right now, and was discontinued officially last week :)

However there's quite the regret spend there if I can wait 2-3 months for a D800.

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