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    Watching the auctions for Nikon cameras & would like some advice on the following 2 please!:thumbup:

    I like the old, rugged look of the F501 and I like the 2.5 FPS cont mode but I also like the faster focusing & other features of the F60.

    Considering I prefer to shoot completely manual but would like to just P&S sometimes, which could any of you recommend?


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    I don't know how you feel about the weight of a camera, but pro slr bodies can be had at a descent price now adays. I have had the plastic bodies with the lcd displays and still have an N8008 around. Like yourself, I prefer more manual type settings than program mode. I purchased a mint F4s some time ago just as the dslr rage was still taking hold and at that time, the F4s was averaging between 500-600 US. The camera features conventional controls with knobs and levers which I like and yet has some pretty sophisticated electronics which make it as easy as a point and shoot. This past year I bought a second F4s for a mere 265 US as dslr's are bringing the film body market down. Other things I like about it is a removable viewfinder, a big selection of focus screens, mirror lockup, 5.7 fps with the MB-21 battery pack and a low vibration shutter. Plus the camera is pretty indestructable. It does weigh a bit more then a plastic body though.

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