No. 1A Folding Pocket Kodak Model D Camera


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Feb 5, 2016
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I am looking at selling my camera on Ebay . The back of the camera says it is a No 1A Folding Pocket Kodak Model D but the front of the camera is different from every other one that is posted on Ebay. Here are a couple of photos of the front and the inside of the case. Can someone tell me why it is different from the rest.

Thank you.

Kodak made a bazillion different models. You might try looking here.

Yours might be a cannibalized version, using the back from a totally different camera.
Yes, I think a previous owner swapped backs. The camera appears to be one of the 1A Special Kodak models like the one on the left in the photo here:

Special Kodaks

The Special Kodaks had a number of variations and were available with various lenses including the Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat that your camera has. They were expensive cameras in their day costing around $50-$60.
That makes total sense since the number listed on the back of the front support is 41672-S. I expect that the S probably indicates Special. What do you think ? Does that make sense ? Any idea of the value?

I appreciate your assistance.
I'm guessing, from experience, between $25 and $50.
I did finally find a camera with the same Kodak Automatic plate over the lens. It was an Ebay auction item in England. It was advertised as a 1A Special. The Backplate said Model C. However, the parts on the front of the platform were different. I've attached the photo.

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