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Nov 16, 2012
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Went to a wedding and brought all of my gear. Girlfriend was in the wedding and we offered up some of my services as a present to the couple to make a small nice album for them.

Most of you know I hate weddings...and this one reminded me how much. lol. blah.

So it was very low budget, but I still like to try to do nice things even on such occasions. There were no decorations at the reception hall. None. However, and those of you who do shoot weddings might be envious...there were white walls, white floor, and white ceilings.

All I saw was a 200 square foot studio in my head. Assembled the portable studio gear, nuked the walls, and got this.

Now I's not great. But given there was nothing to look at I figured I'd just blast the walls. Had 3 monolights set up and 3 remote flashes on stands. Sometimes I popped 'em all and nuked the place, other times I selectively hit one or two. Depended on my mood. lol

I lost the detail on his arm, so I'll revisit to bring it back in and see if I can make this a nice photo. This was done in 5 mins while sorting through in LR just to see if what I had in my mind would work. Think it might come out cool when I'm done.

anyway, here is a kinda neat shot I'll spiffy up and put in their album. Bride and groom first dance.


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