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Aug 7, 2011
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South Range, WI
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So there will be no more picnik. Not that I use it anymore but I had before I had gotten lightroom. I got an email today saying they are closing it April 19th I think was the date. Looks like more are going to have to go Gimp or ps is the one I often see the newest of the new using. There's also Inkscape and a few others.
Yea I had heard of those never looked at them tho. Never will either lol!! I love me my lightroom and have a slow painful love hate relationship with cs5 lol! Slow learning process there. Lol
I can't imagine why they'd get rid of Picnik... It's literally the best image manipulation program out there (on the web).
1000's of teenage girls will have to resort to another program :lol:

Sorry, I had to say it ;)
So what's all this attitude towards Picnik? I'm assuming it does basic editing well enough. I mean I've been using Photoshop since I was 8 but I never thought that I was too good to use Gimp because of it. Is there actually something deficient about Picnik?
I'm assuming it does basic editing well enough.

You'd assume wrong. Picnik systematically rapes and pillages your entire photo library... Whether you want it to or not. There's no stopping it!
I was checking out and saw the message over there. I think is a little worried since 3/4 of their site content comes from Picnik users. I logged onto Facebook today after a few days off and a few MWC's on my friends list are up in arms. I politely told them to sieze the opportunity and take the plunge for better editing software. I don't think they could read my post through the tears streaming down their face.
Yeah, I saw the uproar and it's kinda hilarious. I can understand for people just want quick edits, but for the people who are serious into photography are using this? Gotta be kidding me, really. I just waited for sales to show up, while I don't need Photoshop itself (for now) but Elements works for me and Lightroom. I paid during the holidays 150 for all of it and on disk too! That's how I look at it at any rate.

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