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No one celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon landing?


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Nov 16, 2010
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Tacoma, WA USA
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I searched and didn't see any moon shots over the weekend? No one celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon landing? I thought it was a bigger historical event? I remember it well as I was a junior in high school. Played hooky that day to watch it on TV. I spent the week watching all the specials on TV on this event.

Well , I celebrated, sorta.
Anyways, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Apollo 11 on Saturday, when I went to the Seattle Flight Museum for the big 50th anniversary Moon event, there was no parking and waaaay too many people. So, instead I headed up to Mt Rainier to get some wildflower blooms pics and was lucky to get a moon shot to celebrate the moon event in my own way So it worked out. In the first pic you clearly see the moon because I zoomed in to the peak to the left of Mt Rainier, in the other pic you have to really squint to the left side of Mt Rainier to "barely" see the moon. Five more minutes and that moon was gone!


I stayed the night nearby the park at Crystal Rainier Retreat and came back again Sunday as on east side of you lose the lighting around 11am. Paradise South West side of Rainier is better if you come up in the afternoon like most people do. My focus was on the Wildflower blooms.



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That's because it was all done in a film studio [emoji6]

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Jiminy crickets..

The whole conspiracy thing.

Everyone knows that Capricorn One told the truth!

The shots of the moon and Mt. Rainier... love em!

Family lives up in the Bellevue area and hikes the Mt. regularly.

Went up to cougar lakes after the eruption and waded through about 3 feet of ash!
But talk about views!
On Saturday,I went to see the new documentary film named Apollo 11 which was comprised entirely of vintage film footage that NASA shot back then. I was quite impressed by the quality of the cinematography and the beauty of the exposures.

It was more less 50 years to the week when I saw the film
Actually, I celebrated by watching a 50-year-to-the-second replay of the moonwalk. And amazingly, there was no word from Neil about one "Mr. Gorsky".
Nice photo you got of the moon over Mt. Ranier.

I watched the 25th anniversary film that was on TCM, that mentioned one of them seeing the moon in the daytime sky from the window before liftoff and thinking, they were aimed in the right direction! Also watched a movie from 1950 that to me was surprisingly like the way it would actually be years later - had Woody Woodpecker in it too! I liked the Google doodle with narration by Michael Collins. Apparently the Armstrong museum was packed (I've been past it years ago but never went in).

I didn't think there was a reference in the thread to conspiracy theories, I think it was to the Stanley Kubrick movie. You know...

Dave... Dave.......

Open the pod bay doors HAL.

Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that...

I have yet to understand the end of that movie. Cool mod '60s interiors though!
Thanks for the nice comments on my photo, Moon over Mt Rainier. It may not be the best, but it was special because I was bummed out missing the big Moon event at Seattle's Flight Museum. I was watching all kinds of videos and NG shows on TV all week on this event and had even latests 4K Blu Ray DVD called FIRST MAN starring Ryan Gosling. So imagine my surprise when I was driving the windy road up to Tipsoo lake and saw that moon in the best possible spot. I had less than 5-10 minutes to get the shot before it was gone. That was my 50th anniversary memory!
I was off course kidding about the moon landing filmed in a studio thing lol.

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That's one small step for man … one giant leap for Hollywood!

I kid! It was a real big deal at the time but something is killing American pride if you ask me.

OK, this one has to be faked. There was no one outside 'the stack' while in lunar orbit to take such an image. Plus, the lighting on the moons surface is from below and slightly to the left, while on the 'stack' it's from the right.
Sparky, I said they projected shots of Apollo 11 on the Washington Monument. I didn't say these were original or archival shots. For instance, they also showed the "assembly" as the Saturn V rocket was built--clearly simulated. They also showed splashdown.
I had less than 5-10 minutes to get the shot before it was gone. That was my 50th anniversary memory![/QUOTE]
That reminded me of another moonshot: Ansel Adams’ “Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico.” When he saw that moon and the crosses, he didn’t have time to find his light meter and had to estimate the exposure based on the “ known luminosity of the moon” and the filter factor, etc. He tried for a second shot, but the light on the crosses was gone.

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