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Dec 31, 2008
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Albert Lea, MN
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How do I get a smoother "blur" in the background.

Picture from last week that I had posted:
I liked how the clownfish turned out in the picture, but the background is kind of noisy, especially where it isn't black. What can I do?


Shutter 1/125
ISO 400
First, this is a beautiful photograph and I do not feel the the noise has ruin it at all. You can use a brush to soften the background quickly in PS but I think if you bump up the brightness by adjusting the curves, you have a masterpiece.
The general answer is: faster lenses (i.e. f/1.8, f/1.4, etc.) give you blurrier backgrounds. However, it looks like you're using a macro lens -- you may not be able to find such a fast one.

But, I wouldn't worry -- I don't find the background problematic.

If you really want, you could also Photoshop / Gimp / etc. to selectively blur the background. Use an edge-detecting tool (such as scissors, or color selecting, etc.) to get ahold of the background, and apply a gaussian blur.
Beautiful shot - the noise I see hardly detracts from the photo - nice job!

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