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Jan 22, 2012
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I am new to photoshop and have been doing some tutorials etc... I have a question,, I am working on a raw file and did something so that none of the tools have any effect... what did I do so I can be aware.?? any ideas?? There is no error message but the dodge tool for instance just wont do anything .. Same with the other tools
There is no Dodge tool for working on Raw files.

If you are no longer in Camera Raw, but are in the CS5 workspace, you aren't working on a Raw file anymore.

If you're in the CS5 workspace, check that Caps Lock is not active on your keyboard.
If nothing works and the tools won't funstion, there are two steps to take.

1: reboot PS.

if the tools still don't work
2. delete the preferences file, which may have been corrupted.
see this link for OS and PS version specific instructions
Are you sure it's none of the tools or just some of the tools? If when doing your RAW conversion in PS you switch from 8bit to 16 bit some of the tools are not active.

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