Noob question about sizing pictures, please help !


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May 20, 2011
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Amherst Nova scotia
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I recently did a photo shoot at a paintball tournament and I wanted to post them by uploading from image shack and it said image was too large. I usually don't get that problem but I was using a friend of mines crazy lense could that have anything to do with it. And sorry I got a tad off topic, so how would I resize a picture ?
I don't think that your issue was the lens, as it has nothing to do with image size. You set that via your camera. As for resizing, I use PIXresizer. Here's a link to it. PIXresizer -
Which editing program do you use? Most are capable of resizing an image.

You could also invest in a site like SmugMug which doesn't degrade the image quality or limit the file size you are able to upload (to an extent).

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