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Mar 28, 2008
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I have a Nikon D40

How do I shoot a city skyline at night?

Pointers? Tips? What should my settings be?

I am quite sure that this answered has been answered before, so I apologize in advance.
While I can't answer your question, I do have one suggestion to make, perhaps you might concider picking up a copy of Fundamentals of Photography by Tom Ang from your local book store. Really in depth and covers both digital and film photography. ~$25.00. I'm still very new myself and have found it extreamly helpful.
^ Thanks for the suggestion.

I will probably get a manual for newbies eventually. But, I just want a couple tips first. I honestly learn a lot better and quicker when I play around with it, trying different settings. However, I just want to know the basic premise on how to shoot a city's skyline at night so I can start off on the right foot.
Tripod. No real definite settings. Your probably going to have to use a slower shutter speed. You want a high aperture (f/8 maybe or f/11) Usually (usually, so not every time) so everything is in focus. If you don't have a decent tripod you might want to invest in one.
Put your camera on a solid tripod and compose the picture, focussing on the buuildings.

Lock the focus by putting the lens into manual focus only mode.

Put the camera on Manual.

Set your aperture to something around f8 to f11.

Set your ISO to 100 (or the lowest it will go)

Set your shutter speed to 1 second and take a photo.

If the im age mis too bright, use a shorter shutter speed. If it is too dark, use a longer shutter speed.

Keep going until you get a photo you like. Once you do, take several shots with the same settings, in case you get a problem with one or two of them.

That's the easiest way to do it.
remember to keep your horizons straight when you're composing the shot. try to pick a location that is interesting and not "bland." shoot at your widest focal length to include as much of the skyline as possible, a wide angle lens would be best. however, in your case, i would simply shoot at 18mm or whatever focal length you deem appropriate
Thank you so much for the help guys.

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