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Nov 12, 2011
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Nashville, TN
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I spent 3 days at the NDRL Nostalgia Nationals at Beech Bend Dragway in Bowling Green, KY a few weeks ago. Lots of eye candy, lots of smoke and noise. Saw some hotrods I haven't seen before and enjoyed some relatively mild fall weather. A few of my favorites are below

#1 - Dave Hough's Nanook AA/FA - This one has been around for along time. The first was built in 1965 and this is the 7th version. He was making 245 mph passes all weekend with an ET a bit over 6 seconds.

#2 - Dale Fidler's ProComp Altered - I've seen this one many times. Dale won the NDRL ProComp championship with this one last year.

#3 - Quite possibly the most beautiful machine on the property was Butch Hill's 1953 Studebaker. He runs the NDRL 8.5 second ProGas division.

#4 - David Shaffer's "Second Chance" is another interesting one. This time last year it was flat black but apparently it got a face lift during the off season since now it is really nice looking.

Lots of fun! I made it to 4 of the 6 NDRL races this year and hope to go to all 6 next season. I have a friend who races so I go as part of his crew. Even though a ticket to a drag race is also a pit pass there are places on the track a spectator can't go. With a crew member armband there very few so I always have a good time.

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