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Aug 8, 2013
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Colorado, USA
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Usually I don't photograph people much except for friends and family for memories and such, but I love branching out into new territory so I am trying to take candid photographs of people just for the photograph's sake. I don't have much to show for it yet, but here's a beginning anyway.

$00IMG_3547 1000p.jpg
Yeah, I know, the flesh tones are pretty much gone in the light. I need to get faster at working the settings if I want to improve in this sort of photography. I think the photo looks crooked because I leveled it with the ground, but now that I think about it the ground was not very level.
I don't know your equipment but, imo, the best way too shoot street shots is in raw with A preferred and always set to take good pictures of skin in the ambient environment but with your finger on the EC toggle.
As you bring the camera up, decide whether the EC needs to be adjusted.
By the time the camera gets to your eye, you should be in process.

As far as leveling decisions: unless a tilt is for artistic reasons, correct the most obvious vertical/horizontal that the viewer will assume is 'correct.' Thus walls should be vertical as is anything gravity-placed.
Don't attract the viewers' attention to anything that isn't important.

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