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Not sure about a couple of shots, C&C please


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Zealand
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A couple of pics that I am not sure about, PP blindness has set in.

1. Not sure if the dutch tilt works here?


2. Went with a BW initially, but felt it lacked something, colour version is ok but a little distracting from my vision I guess. So selective colour it is, thoughts?


3. Last one Im not 100% sure on.


4. The last 2 I am pretty much ok with, maybe saturation levels, but then again it is what it is, it was a nice morning afterall.


5. The missing shot :p


6. My pick of the bunch, angle of the blokart could have been better, and it looks like he is stitting still......, but it does still convey what I attempted to capture, another interesting sport, local landmarks obvious, and a great day on the beach.


Thanks Bitter for your insight on my last post regarding getting a little more of the related scenery in the shot, for the last 4 I actually took off the 300mm prime and used the kit EF-S 18-55mm (with polariser), I had pretty much forgotten how good that lens can be when used well, it sure isnt L quality thats for sure, but for the price..........

FYI: This "land yacht" is called a Blokart and they are designed and manufactured locally, they even have an asphalt course for people to have a go and learn the ropes, must go and try these out one day.


Full set if anyone wants a look.

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I really like #2. The reflection makes it. It looks great with the selective coloring (something I've never said before). I'd be tempted to burn in some of the darker areas or the photo if it were mine to give it some more contrast.

Great action on #1 and the tilt works because it matches the motion/lean of the blokart

#4 looks really good, love the perspective, you were nice and low it looks like. The composition on this one is great, the background came together nicely too.

#6 does look good, I like seeing the tracks behind him..

Just positive comments from me, your work is usually something I look up to, no exception here.
Thanks for your C&C reznap, much appreciated.

For 4 I was on my knees and elbows, I really wanted to actually go prone but that would have meant getting really really wet, lol. Having said that I should have just sucked it up and layed right down, because handling a camera from knees and elbows position is actually quite cumbersome, haha.

Oh and I cant count, No.5 doesnt exist, lol.
I like number 1. It is the most dynamic shot of the set with the strong diagonals. Great detail in the splash and it seems to be spot on with exposure. The only unfortunate part is the clipped sail.
The first shot suffers from a common error. That of being cropping too tight and removing the subject from the context of the environment. Very commonly seen with animals especially. And animal face completely filling the frame. No context makes for very forgettable photos mostly. Sometimes they work, mostly they don't. If the photo was twice as wide as it is now then I would see where the tip over is going and it would be a much more complete story line. I do however love the tilted horizon- it definately works in this case.
#2 is probably one of the best uses of selective coloring that I've seen on here. Good job!

Really like the last two as well, but I think #1 suffers from too much crop, or being too close.
Thanks for the feedback, a square crop of the first may have worked had I captured the top 2 foot of sail, tilting it lost even more.

With that in mind I did get alot of other shots with a wheel off the ground and the full sale in frame, nothing all that compelling, but I did find another that I liked compositionally, tried it full colour and then tried it selectively coloured and much prefer this version.

5. The missing shot :p


Flickr must sharpen these again on resize, so a little oversharpened, originals are good.

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