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Mar 5, 2013
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I was on a role today so i could not resist a few close-ups on my walk today if anyone has visited or lives in the UK then you would understand we are spoiled with beautiful scenery and photo ops are plentiful and with being a such a lush and green island when colours come through they can't go ignored!

1. Ok white is pretty boring but in a brown and green field then you know why it would stand out

$a Thousand Wishes.JPG

2/3 I could snap the colours of these very tasty berries all day log problem is they do taste good if i aint snapping them i am eating them lol

$Four Charged Blackberries.JPG
$Ripe Blackberry.JPG

4. orange is always a welcome distraction from brown and green

$Hallie Berry.JPG

5/6 Purples are rare in the woods also (technically this is on a hill) love how i caught the spikes in the second

$Deep Purple Spikes.JPG$Tipurple.JPG

I did have some yellows but dandelions are hardly imaginative images lol


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