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Discussion in 'Nikon Accessories' started by Drive-By-Shooter, Jan 31, 2017.

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    For the two years I've been shooting digitally, I've mostly used Nikon's free NX-D software. There are a lot of good functions to master here before going into other packages and functions.

    I also have Corel 7 which bought JASC Paintshop Pro that I used for business graphics work, so I am familiar with its interface.

    I would like to keep making my primary changes with NX-D and sometimes make a few more in Corel or Lightroom. NX-D is nondestructive because it keeps the changes in a 'sidecar file'. NX-D (free and paid version, I believe) will not let me save in any other file format other than .jpg or .tiff.

    Corel 7 lets me work on Nikon raw files (.NEF), but does not read the sidecar file (.NEF.nksc in the NKSC_PARAM folder) with NX-D's changes, so I cannot keep my changes for use in Corel! ugh

    If I am wrong and the paid version of NX-D DOES allow saving in RAW or DNG (digital negative combining the RAW and sidecar files), please let me know and maybe I will buy a used one. Yes, I know that Nik Software was bought by Google in 2012, so NX-D is a dead end product.

    Perhaps it is time to drink the kool-aid and buy Lightroom. Will Lightroom use my raw file changes from the .NEF.nksc sidecar file?


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