NY Nick get's hitched Texas Style!

No post on her teeth, so yeah the Dentist loves her!
Ok, I'm really weird about how I do the reception stuff.......

I know a lot of people who bring lights into the reception but I nevernevernevernever would do that. These ladies spend a lot of money getting that ambience. If I brought in lights, not only would it be super annoying to have them going off all the time, but it would wreck that atmosphere that she paid so dearly for.
So I employ the backwards flash thing. I don't bounce. I just get in close. (I shoot all reception stuff with a 35mm 1.4)
You would think that I'd be a totally distraction getting so close, but not really. They never see my flash, and hopefully, they are so into one another that they never see me close in. (I get up to within a few feet and then get back out again quickly). God knows though that the videographers must hate me!!!! LOL.
When I shoot group dancing stuff, I go right into the middle of the dance floor and start making little circles.

This way, I am able to maintain the ambience, without being too much of a bother. I'm always blown away when they say that they never really saw me. :)

These are SO GORGEOUS! Every time i see your photographs I want to cry "how can I get that good?!!"

But please enlighten me - what is the backwards flash thing? I've never heard of it! :) I use a fong bong which seems to work pretty well, or I bounce the flash. Maybe I need to try a new technique.

Again BEAUTIFUL images!
Thank you so much Butterflygirl!!!!

You cracked me up with the Fong Bong....that's really more what it looks like. I've always heard it called a Fong Dong....which is pretty darn funny too.

Anyhoo, when I put my flash on, I crank the head of it all the way backwards.
The flash part, actually rests on the top of my head. I don't bounce at all. What I'm doing is using that little bit of light that leaks forward. The trick is, you have to be really close, and that's why I'm pretty much always using my 35mm 1.4. (It's on my 5d, so it's actually a true 35mm that way, so it's pretty wide).

The Fong Dong/Bong....(LOL still cracking me up on both accounts) does pretty much the same thing. It leaks light, but it also bounces it a bit.
The only difference is that I'm "leaking" with no bouncing. I'm looking for "just a kiss" of light.

Thank you so much for your warm and wonderful comments. One of these days I'll post a photo of what I'm talking about, but I warn you, it looks utterly ridiculous. :)

Thanks again!
Love #2 and #20! She is so gorgeous. You did fabulous as usual!

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