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Aug 28, 2004
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Certainly looks unusual - heavy HDR type treatment, right? It's perhaps a fraction darker than I'd like to see it, as I'm finding myself peering into to the gloom somewhat to find out what's going on. I'm guessing some of the blurred bits are moving fish and an aerator bubble stream. Fascinating result though.
ha ha. you got it. I just discovered HDR from a Popular Science mag article. Downloaded the free qtpfsgui program it suggested for starters. This is my first experiment. I can't wait to get out and take some real lowlight landscape pics.
Some :eek: typo thing !!! but really eyecatchy
I have not tried that. I will check that out. I wanna get out and take some landscape pics with some sparse night lights and do em up.
where did you say you got the program for this?


It's a translated German website. Click on the button that says "HERUNTERLADEN" to download. After you unzip the files into a folder, read the "readme" file and download the .dll v4 that it instructs you to download and unzip those files into the same folder as your qtpfsgui folder. You need to take at LEAST 3 bracketed images (i.e, e -2, e 0 , e +2)for HDR. The images don't look like any big deal untill you tonemap the image. You have to "tonemap" the image to get it back into 8 bit or whatever and then you can experiment with the image.

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