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Apr 23, 2010
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Hello! I am desperately trying to enter the world of off-camera flash, but there is so much information out there, I just can't put everything together to figure out what I need to buy to make it all work.

I believe I have taken my skill as far as I can with merely boucing it off of ceilings, walls, etc. (Of course there's always room for improvement in that area too, but sometimes I just want my light to come from somewhere else!)

I have a Canon 50D, and a 580EXii. (Will the 580exii even work this way or do I need to invest in a different kind of flash?) I am interested in some sort of stand that I can put it on, with a small softbox, and some way to make it fire even without "line of sight."

Does anyone know how I can get it to fire from several feet/perhaps yards away, while still on a stand and attached to a soft box?

Also, would anyone mind suggesting some actual brands or products that works for them?

Thanks so much!
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I would suggest spending some time here - LOTS of great info. I'm not familiar enough with the various models of Canon flash to comment on their operation other than to say that I do know they have a wireless control capability, but whether your model of flash or body is so equipped, check your manual(s).

If you're using the flash inside a light modifier such as a softbox, you may need a different type of trigger since the IR signals won't reach the flash. You can buy inexpensive optical triggers or pricier radio triggers, or even just using a PC cord to directly connect your camera to the remote flash (up to about 30' or so).
Definitely take a look at Strobist like tirediron recommended. Lots of great info there.

If you want more specific information on your 580EXii, check out "[ame=""]Understanding the Canon 580/430[/ame]" video. He spends a significant amount of time on remote firing.

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