Off camera flash options?

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Dec 5, 2007
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I was wondering how to make a flash wireless and still fire in sync with my camera. (Is this possible?) second part of my question if the first part works, Is Does the flash have to fit on my camera in order to make it work off the camera? If that makes any sense? I have a whole bag of different minolta flashes that do not fit on my a-100. Now I do have a shoe mount to make these fit on my camera(somewhere?) But is there a shoe that has a cable Or wireless to connect to my camera? 3rd part would be can I hook up more than one?
I use pocket wizards. One goes on the flash shoe of your camera, this is the transmitter. Then you need one for each off camera flash you are using. I typically setup 4 for live bands and other location shoots. Any flash with a PC sync cord plug can be used. For ideas and a lot of cool info, check out:
thanks guys! I will read through the site L8R but it looks to answer more questions than I had. which is very ,very ,good:hail:
So after allot of research I found out Minolta's built in wireless option was transfered over to the alpha series. So who needs transmitters cords wireless remotes? It's all built right in the camera and flashes! So from what I have read, you turn the flash on, mount it on the camera, select wireless, then unmount flash and set it up where you want it. So I have this part down. Now from what I have read the pop up flash is what triggers the speed flash off the camera.Here is where I am stuck! Can I still use a speed light on the camera and that will trigger the off camera flash? And with the pop up it still isn't setting off the flash. The wireless light and infrared light is blinking on the off camera flash, But it won't trigger! None of my flashes will. Any Minolta/Sony lovers out there know what i'm doing wrong?

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