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Jan 12, 2006
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Hi all

I've recently bought a wireless slave for my canon eos 500. It works by connecting another flash to it and then gets fired by the flash comming from my built in camera flash. (sorry... im sure you all knew how it worked already). Anyway... after using this a few times I have decided that it isnt quite what I wanted and dare I say it a little crap.

What I need is a slave unit that works with a cable so that I dont need another flash to trigger it.

So.. to my question. What would i need in order to do this and have my second flash off my camera on a tripod. Im not sure if my camera has a port to put the cable into??

Sorry if ive confused anyone.

Any help would be greatfully recieved.

Sweet Big Mike cheers.

Would I need something similar at the other end to put my flash into?? (would I need two) flash in on, other on the camera and then conect them with a pc cable?


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