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    If you want people to visit your web site, you must offer them something of value for free. How many people would watch TV or listen to the radio if it were entirely made up of commercials? Compensate your site visitors for spending their valuable time on your web site. While you're giving them what they want, promote your services.

    Coming up with what to offer is part of the challenge. Be creative and have fun with it. Here are a few ideas:
    • Offer free desktop wall paper of pictures you have taken. Be sure to include your company name and web address in the corner of the photo.
      I've used this on my own site.
    • Provide photography tips for parents on how to improve their pictures of their children. Keep it very simple to appeal to a larger audience (e.g., rule of thirds, using props, lighting at different times of the day). This gives site visitors a chance to get to know your level of professionalism beyound your portfolio.
    • Provide a FAQ of what questions to ask when wanting to hire a wedding photographer.
    • Write articles for other related web sites. Include your business name and web address in your profile and at the end of the article. Many community sites welcome articles from people because it increases the value of their site. This will help establish you as an expert. Especially if you specialize in a particular application such as wedding photography or landscapes.
    • Offer discounts to those that refer you business.

    Include a price sheet on your web site. In fact, put the price in the TITLE tag of your HTML pages. That way it will appear in search result listings. Example, "Professional Commercial Photography Packages for your Product Line Starting at $800". Develop a set of packages for people to compare side by side.

    These are just a few ideas to get you started down the road to a better site and on-line promotion.

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    Now thats an Article, and thats exactly what im gonna do to help my site...thanks mate!

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