Oh, that really hurts!!

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    Nikon D700 on Amazon in my gold box offers for $2,277. Thats about $120 less than I have seen it at any decent store (B+H, Adorame, etc.). And I would have the extra money to buy it in 2 days. :er: Oh, that just hurts!! I was going to pick one up last spring and decided the D300's are just fine for now. Really not looking for one now. But at the price I would have grabbed it - except for the money issue. :lol: 2 days too early. Oh, well. :( Just have to tell myself it will come down later one. :confused:

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    My Cameras 2 - D300's, D40X, D50, Canon 20D
    If you sold all of those you might just be able to pick up a D3. :lol:

    Sell one D300 and the D40x or D50 and you have a D700 right there!

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