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Feb 27, 2009
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New York City, NY
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Ok, so I'm kinda stuck on auto mode for these (except of the bridge- I used the night time setting (even though that's auto too) as I don't have a tripod and I can't figure out how to not make them look blurry at night by adjusting the ISO, etc...I don't even know if that's what you're supposed to do to make something that's dark more light lol. Anyway, my girlfriend needed these for something so they're in auto mode and I was just curious about the composition of them. Thanks all! :)

P.S. I know her hair looks like a blue-ish, green color in some areas but she liked it like that after I adjusted some of the settings so I kept it lol.






1 is ehm....
2 is not as bad but i don't like the bridge coming out of her head
and the 3rd one is almost good but the fog on sunday was also pissing me off. I was shooting a soccer match lol. Also all the pictures seem kind of dull to me. Check out my sig (the big @$$ link) if you want to learn more from actual people. lol
LOL at least you're honest. ;) Yeah, I see that about the bridge coming out of her head now. I'll have to be more careful of that kind of thing. And I'm going to check out that link now... thanks for the tips!
Just my opinion as well, but on the second one, because she is somewhat facing to the left (or her right as it were) It just looks a little off, if she were facing to the right (her left) it would help. More positive space then negative space.
The skys are so blown out
1- I get the want to have her on one side, but I think she is way too much on one side.

2- This one is better than the first one, but as said, not a fan of the placement of the bridge. Maybe try and have the bridge frame her instead of just being there? A general rule, when someone is on one side of the picture, have them facing into the picture and not out of. There are times when this doesn’t apply, but again, it’s a general rule. This is something you did in the first, but not in this one.

3- I like the top back part of the bridge in the fog and it’s a good use of a leading line through the picture. But there is a lot of empty space in the water, making the picture duller than it could have been. And as you pointed out, no tripod, thus the picture is really blurry.

Night shots are very hard to do hand held. If you don’t have a tripod, look for a place where you can rest the camera…a bench, the floor (and point it up) and then use the 2 second timer to take the picture so that your hand hitting the shutter release doesn’t cause more shake.
Thanks for all the input. I'm still a complete noob to all of this so anything helps. That makes total sense about her facing into the picture. I never thought of it like that but I can see how that would help and not look so off.

And I definitely need to get a tripod. I have no idea what to look for in one though lol so ill have to do some research.

And to the sky blown out comment...that was just a typical new york, overcast day.
And to the sky blown out comment...that was just a typical new york, overcast day.

But you were using flash to light the girl, which just further widens the difference in exposure between the sky and subject. Looks like the flash was on camera too... boring. If you didn't use flash, you could have goten a little better of an exposure on the sky.
And I definitely need to get a tripod. I have no idea what to look for in one though lol so ill have to do some research.

Its an often asked question, there are oodles of posts on here about tripods... do some post searching and you should find some great recommendations.
i kinda like the 3rd one...that green cast is eerie.
i dont think it has too much dead space in the water...i think that space is a good opportunity to see the reflected eerie green cast that i already mentioned as a positive :D

i wish i had someplace fun like NY to shoot.
NH doesnt have much to offer. :(
I personally like #3 very much. I like the glow on the horizon, the misty fog all over, the far end of the bridge disappearing into the fog. The green glow in the foreground and the water add to the eeriness of the shot. Nothing is really in focus on account of a 1 second shutter speed and no tripod, but that also combines with the misty look to add to that eeriness. It's a good shot in my book.

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