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Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by Jhonny, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Alright so I'm starting an academic journal for my high school. and I will be doing a lot of picture taking. I will feature students The resolution has to be bigger than 8x11 inches.

    The current camera I have is a fujifilm finepix 700S which is 7 mega pixels. It's great, but I need more.

    Any help?:confused:

  2. Almost all modern cameras are good for portrait and basic reportage work - that means they'll have a zoom in a medium range.

    The big question is, as always, what your budget is?
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    For the purposes you describe, 7 megapixels would be fine. The issue is more what you do with those pixels. I often print at the sizes you describe and larger, from a 6 megapixel sensor... but the images are taken with good lenses... megapixels and resolution are not the same thing.

    There is an endless choice of cameras to choose from that would fit your stated requirements. Based on the needs you have mentioned, it's not even clear whether you would prefer to go for an SLR, or just a more high-end fixed lens model than the one you already have... I would try and make a list of things you want from a camera, that your current camera does not have or do adequately. That (and as Iron said, your budget) will help you narrow down the options.

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