Old-Bridge - Bosnia


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May 6, 2015
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Place : Old Bridge / Bosnia and Herzegovina
© Ömer Ersin OKUT
The scene is wonderful, but I think you've lost a lot of the impact due to the low sun (and possibly some exposure increases in the foreground?). I think a different time of day with different light might really add some punch here.
Very nice scene, reminds a bit of a Renaissance painting. If your subject is the bridge as you suggest, I think I would "zoom" in a little closer to have more of the bridge in the frame. I also would have increased the exposure a bit and maybe even added a bit of contrast to sharpen up the scene, both of which can be done in Lightroom/Photoshop, or whatever you are using for your processing.

Hmmm...while I might be tempted to play around with various processing techniques on that shot, I also have to say that I do very much like it "as is", as it does indeed have a very "painterly" quality to it. I would be interested to see some variations on this shot, however I think I disagree with tirediron there regarding different time of day/different light...we'll just call it my own sense of aesthetics, however I think the subdued colors and the lighting as seen here, truly add to that painterly quality. Normally I do prefer vivid colors and definition, however in this case I think the shot stands very well on it's own...after looking at it several times now, there really isn't a single thing I can really nitpick about. Nicely done!

It's kind of a hard call as it's a rather small image on my screen, but I strongly suspect that shot would make a really wonderful large canvas print...I think that if it were done right, it would probably floor a lot of people that it's a photo and not a painting :)

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