Old Chevy Truck

Dark space between the grill and interior could stand some more detail.
Pump up the fill light?
I like the concept and general look/feel of the image. I hope you took a whole bunch off them (or intend to). I'm sure it will be tricky to get the balance between the ambient light and the flash. I think the flash is a little "hot" here. I really, really like the feel. The metal, the shapes, the rust, the green light - all good. Maybe also think about going closer - not necessarily including the whole car. Close up of a strong car element with glow in interior as background. Love to see some more along this theme. Maybe have lights underneath car, have it coming out of the engine bay with bonnet up (I think American's call it a "hood"?). Set in a rustic scene, I think yoy have a real winner here.
Thanks. I had a problem with the lights being to hot. Because I was standing on a busy street I had to stand right on top of the truck. This was shot with the 8-16mm. I have a couple of more exposures, one brighter than this and one darker. The brighter one was just to much. Also a shot from the side, just like the last car I shot. I don't want to use the same composition on every one in the series. I also tried from the bed shooting into the cab that was a disaster. I'll play with the fill light, lightroom 4 really doesn't have a fill light slider, just shadows.
Here is a slightly different edit. Yellow wireless flash in the cab, green hand held flash in the front also I hit the headlights and hood with a pen light. All in 30sec.LOL

I like this one even better - lot more character in the vehicle and the yellow glow seems to suit the colour cast on the body work. Has a real "gritty"/"grunge" feel.
Might also be worth exploring a subtle HDR treatment.
I hope you pursue this concept - I think it has a lot of potential. Love to go to a car wrecking yard and see what image could be created.

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