Old flash won't work on new camera, any ideas?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Oso, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Hello all,

    I have read this forum for a while, then registered so I could join in. There is a lot of good advise and good people here.

    I have an issue I am hoping someone here can assist me with.

    I had a Minolta 7000 camera, lenses and flash.

    The camera was dropped and broke. I asked the photo store what cameras would use the lenses I currently own and was told Sony Alpha. I bought a Sony a100 (been a while since I used it due to motorcycle wreck and being laid up).

    Now, I am starting to play with it again and went to put the flash on and practice some flash images. I ran into an issue at this point.

    The flash I have is a Quantaray QBX-8000xi. It would not fire off camera. I searched the web and find out that it will not work with the Sony A100. Apparently, the only real solution is to buy a Sony flash. I will probably do that when I can get the cash together, they run $229 on ebay with free shipping.

    Now, my main question here is this; Can I use a radio trigger of some kind to make the Quantaray flash go off? If I could add a radio trigger and mount the flash on a tripod with a box on it, I could use it as mobile light source. Is this possible? I have no knowledge of radio stuff. I know I can get a Sony compatible radio that the camera can talk to but can I get the flash end and make it all talk?

    I just do not want to loose the flash I have if I don't have to. I could sell it on ebay and put that cash towards a Sony and will if that is the better option.

    You are the smart guys so I ask you, what should I do?

    FYI I have not worked since my motorcycle wreck (T-Boned by a Suburban, hit and run. In a wheelchair for over a year and still having trouble physically) and therefore cost is a MAJOR issue.

    Thanks to all.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    In theory, your plan should work and you should be able to use a radio trigger to fire the flash off-camera. My only concern would be the radio transmitter and how well it would work with the camera. I think that the Sony hot-shoe is a bit different than the standard that everyone else uses....so if you get a radio trigger, make sure that it's compatible with Sony cameras.

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