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Jan 21, 2006
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locked in the attic
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These are from the same shoot as the abstratcs i posted a while ago.... but i aint got nuthin new lately, so i went back and edited some more of em......

Btw this building is due for demolition soon..... its an old product outlet that hasn't been used since the 80's..... dont ask me why there's a boat on the lower floor.... i have no idea..... its cool tho cuz my bro works on the same property as this old place, so although they get tons of photogs asking to go in there..... they're not allowed to let anyone in..... health and safty..... but i was allowed to go in for a short while so i shot what i could in the time.








Thanks for looking :)
Very nice photo's I like the simplicity to them. And that boat looks like it could be refurbished..nice shots angel
This is some great stuff that you have here Arch.:thumbup: I really like everyone of them can't pick a favorite. :thumbsup:
awesome shots..

I think the real winner is the #1, and the last picture..
Some aweseome shots here arch! havent seen your photos in here for a while.. missed that! hope you will continue to visit us from the darker (shhh) side. ;)
a really nice series you got here... i love em all.. but for me 3 and 4 are a standout... beautiful textures and tones in all! must have been a great place to shoot :)
thanks for sharing these :D
Thanks guys, yea that boat did look fixable...... but only from the front :lol: ..... it was a great place to shoot mansi..... gonna have to try and get back in there before it gets torn down :wink:
What a cool place to photograph - you lucky dog! #3 is my fav out of this series!
i love the desaturated look in #1, the light in #2, the abstract & gritty qualities of #3, and the light & comp in the last one... did you consider b&w on #4? awesome series arch... cool old building too. :thumbup:
Very very cool series, Arch. I always look forward to your posts. You're lucky indeed to have been granted access to take photos in such an interesting place that's offlimits to others. Like the whole series, but if I had a gun to my head and had to narrow it down, I agree with the comments of Ken re #2 and 7.

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