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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by jbylake, Jul 24, 2009.

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    Long story short, I used to be fairly well versed in photography, film development, etc....I haven't used my camera since 1980. Found it the other day, a Cannon AE-1, motorwind, and assortment of lenses, still in almost brand new condition.

    Due to a number of reasons, havent been in the game for a while, but have renewed interest, especially in B&W.

    My question is this. Now, in the age of digital photography and photoshop, I'm lost. I would like to continue shooting 35mm BW, but don't have room for dark room. I've seen these scanners that go from neg's and slides, to digital. My question is "then what?" If you have a scanned in slide or negative, especially a negative, how do you convert the negative jpeg into a photo that you can manipulate in a photoshop type of program? I mean, don't you have to convert it to a (the negative or slide, into a "print" jpg.?

    As you can tell, I'm toatally lost. If someone can explain the process, from scanning a negative, to get a jpeg, to manipulate with software?



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    If you have a film or slide scanner, the scanner software automatically produces a digital image onto your computer. You can then work on that image in a photo editing program like photo shop and then print out the photo on your printer. I'm sure somone else can better explain all the technical aspects of it, but thats pretty much how it works. You do need a scanner that specifically states it will scan slides and negatives though.

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