Olive Oil: High key

Nicely done; the only nit is that the front is under-exposed. A tightly snooted speedlight right under the lens to throw a little light on the label & cap, and you'd nail this.
so what sort of camera/sensor is this leaf thing?

the IQ looks amazing on all these shots.
Thanks, John. Actually, I tried just boosting the shadows a bit and the label comes right back into properly exposed without really affecting anything else. That's dynamic range for ya.

@Braineack, it's a medium format setup. Sensor is 2x the size of a standard "full frame" 35mm based DSLR, or 5.8x the size of an APS-C based setup.

@tirediron is this what you meant by brightening them up a bit?

Glass lighting experiment: Olive oil 2 by Michael Long, on Flickr

Same shot, just adjusted the shadows.
In PS take your pen tool and put a point at each corner of the label to make a path exactly the size of the label. then convert that to a selection Mask everything outside the label and apply your curves adj to bring out the contrast etc.
In all my time cutting out cars with the pen tool, you would think I would have considered that.
God dammit, Leonore... LOL :lol:

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