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Nov 4, 2009
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Being the first flash in the world which can serve as master unit or slave unit, achieving off-camera TTL and manual flash function, this Oloong speedlight has got various features as follow.
Being a high-performance CLS-compatible flash unit with a large guide number of 50, this Oloong sp-690ii speedlite flash for Nikon has got the available zoom positions to be automatically adjusted at standard illumination pattern intensity are between 24mm and 180mm.
Flash Mode: I-TTL, M, Multi(Stroboscopic)
Flash control: TTL auto flash or manual level 22 light quantity output control
Recycling Time: approx 2s (AA Ni-MH cell used), approx 5s (AA alkaline cell used)
Power Zoom Function: Auto zoom-automatically adjusts the zoom position to match the lens focal length; Manual zoom- the available zoom position can be adjusted between 24mm and 180mm in M mode
Using Built-in Wide-angle Panel: when the distance between the cameras and an subject is less than approx.2m, you can take more natural-looking close-up picture using the wide panel
Using Built-in White reflection Card: when shoot portrait, draw the reflection card out from the light head, and produce a highlighted point on the eyes to make the eyes charming; the function can reach optimal effect when the flasher head is up 90°
Front-curtain/Rear-curtain Sync (in normal flash photography, when shooting fast-moving subject at slow shutter speeds, please use rear-curtain sync, a moving subject will spear with such moving marks behind)
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