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Aug 19, 2010
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Southwestern Florida
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I know this is crappy and I am SOOOOOO freakin' mad at myself for not taking more time to really nail this opportunity. I was afraid the moment was fleeting so other than the quickest, most general adjustments on this cloudy-sunny-cloudy-sunny day, I just shot away and hoped for the best (ultimate sin), getting as close as I could...which, at the end, was about 10' from him.

Our roommate came in the house yelling to get cameras. We all took off running bc this was the scene about 6 blocks from our house. The traffic was starting to stop and people were lining up so he was getting jittery. Im the only one who tried to get close, though. I didn't even change lenses. All I had on my cam was the Canon 100mm, lol. At one point I got so close I had to back up to keep him all in the frame. Not something that usually happens in SOUTH FLORIDA!

I know exactly how you feel. I do not get to see bald eagles too much where I live. Last fall, I was walking taking photos of the river and spooked an eagle out of a tree above me. I was not able to capture anthing worth keeping, my settings were way off.

Still a nice photo with all being said and done.

Do you know why the eagle was there?
Do you know why the eagle was there?

He was feeding on an opossum that had been freshly killed. He kept trying to fly off with it but was too laden to get off the ground more than a foot or so. I have some gory pix but figured they were best not shared, lol. He finally did get spooked enough to fly off.
I want to see the gory in all his natural glory pics. These are one of those moments you work with what you got. Nice.
Very nice capture, maybe a bit of PP and it would be a wonderful shot. If you need someone to PP it for you send me a PM.

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Cool shot, good story. The opossum community commends you for the respect you give it with the correct spelling of its species.

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