on little bluestem grass.....


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Mar 25, 2006
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i don't want to wear out my welcome but i am going to post 1 more picture.

i made this picture a few years ago with the first slr i ever owned. it wasn't that long ago either!

the camera is a nikon pronea 6i and it shoots 24mm advantix film.

anyways, it seem that the neg. may have gotten damaged when i had it reprinted. this shot is made from that neg.

anybody who would like to re-post it with a photo shop edit is welcome to do so. i do not own photo shop or a digital camera but after looking at some of the pics here i may just change that.


I like this photo because it is a thriller ... "Murder on the Bluestem Grass" :D. I see what you mean about the damage negative, it clearly has some scratches these days ... isn't that annoying when this happens in a lab? I can get pretty angry about such things. Maybe I can clone out some of the scratches for you. Let me try.
thanks for the comments!

LaFOTO: thank you for your interest! i look forward to seeing what you can do with it in your own time.
Oops :blushing: - I make a promise of editing out the scratches on the negative and then I almost all forget about it :oops:

But here you are, I hope I didn't overlook any scratch. This is my edit of your "Murder On The Bluestem Grass" photo ;)

nice capture, love all the colors... :thumbup:
thanks for the comments!

MR. BARLOW: i thank you for your kind offer which i may take you up on.

lAFOTO: THANKS FOR YOUR EFFORTS! the pic is much nicer for sure. i like the title you dubbed the picture with even though it is not quite accurate. lol!

just for info: the grasshopper is not dead. the wasps' sting puts the hopper into a coma but does not kill it. the wasp is a pollen eater. it's the grubs of THE wasp that end up eating the hopper.

the wasp digs tunnels and chambers in loose soil. in the photo if you look close, you will see the hoppers antennae in the wasps mandibles. he cut them off to be able to get the hopper down the hole.

the hopper is placed in a chamber and an egg is deposited with it. the hopper becomes living food for the grub.

so the death does not occur on the bluestem grass......but it is a nice title! lol!

Are you sure he's killing it? It looks like something else to me...:blushing:

Nice shot, beautiful colors!
calliope: er...um..i see what you mean. guess an inter-insect relationship never ocurred to me! lol!

i think this may be one of those one sided realationships.....

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