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Jan 10, 2006
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The Great White North
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I figure that most people on the forum haven't been to Greenland, so I could post some pics from a place that's a bit off the beaten track. I had travelled there by boat as part of a vacation trip to the Arctic in 2005.

Here are some snapshots taken in early September in a tiny fishing village called Itivdleq (population 300). The houses are pretty well-kept and each is painted a different color. We were told that there are no roads leading to the village: it is a fishing community and the Inuit who live there travel by sea, skidoo, dogsled, or air as necessary. Their provisions come by ship.







All these shots were taken with a point-n-shoot camera and haven't been photoshopped (cuz I don't know how).

Thanks for your interest!

the last one is my favorite.

i can see why those folks live in that exact spot. the view is fantastic's the only flat spot available! lol!
These remind me of the photos by a member on here who hasn't come in a long while, but some of her pics are still there. She came with the handle "Greenlandgirl" and posted in summer of 2004.
You can check some of her still hosted pics up here and she also posted some in the Photo Themes under Snow and Ice.

Your photos show the clarity and blueness of the air as much ... and it is only there in those arctic regions where you see this light and have an air that is so pure and so blue. Quite amazing.
hey anty, these are real nice, especially without being ps'd, great series - makes you get a real feel of greenland... would love to go there... i'v always been obsessed with going to iceland... have you ever been?... your so lucky anty :thumbup:
Great shots Jeanne. Love the last one. Gheesh.. you get to see the coolest pun intended there.
great captures of what looks like a really interesting place... some wonderful photos in there... thanks for sharing! :thumbup:
Beautiful, this little town looks so isolated..just my kind of place. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the cities.
wonderful shots antar....

love this, and i have to go visit...

the shot of the boats in the water is just magazine looking...great shots..
Thanks everyone for your comments and interest!

Nope, Archangel, I haven't been to Iceland. I hear it's quite beautiful (and Reykjavik is reputed to be quite the party spot as well, especially during the time of the 24 hour sun).

I do consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit the Arctic and Antarctica. This was in large part because a friend from Vancouver was the part owner of the company that operated the tours. Unfortunately, he sold his interest in it a few months ago :)( )

My initial motivation for the Arctic trips was to see the animals (polar bears, whales, walrus, birds etc.) but I was also very excited to learn we'd be visiting several communities, to see how the Inuit live. One naturally tends to focus on some of the differences between 'home' and their lives/customs. For example, on those colorful little houses in Itivdleq, there was often a leg or two of a caribou, or a bunch of fish, nailed up near the door, drying. The price of items in the grocery store was shocking. The sled dogs are tied up in one area (in the summer, when they're not working) and are fed just once a week! And many more observations on bigger matters, too numerous or potentially controversial to get into here. All in all, it was an amazing trip.
Beautiful series, nicely captured! Looks like a stunning place! So many places to visit in the world, so little time (and money :er: )! :mrgreen:

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