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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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Had a cool, lucky experience yesterday going home from work. This bird flew to the ground beside the road and I could tell it was some sort of raptor. So I turned at the sign and stopped in a drive to get my camera out and put on my 70-200mm lens. As I was finishing that and about to go back and shoot a few images, the bird lands on a pole that is right beside my vehicle. I had the sun roof open and he/she was right there. I managed to get 2 shots and was about to get out of the vehicle when he flew off. It flew to a tree a really good distance away and it turned out there were a pair of them. I may have to stalk them more now.

I'm not sure how to identify the type of bird any help would be appreciated.


That's Ralph!

Cool shots Ron.

Ralph, huh? Well he was being a little shy yesterday. I hope that he sticks around a while so I can introduce him to my camera again. Along with his mate in the tree that was like a 1/4 mile away.

Thanks John.
guess I need to break out the camo and go get me one of them there big honkin' pieces of glass. (300mm +)
ID, i would say a juvenile ferruginous hawk but i am not the best with Hawk ID, due to the the all white belly with lack or markings and the color of the bill that would be my guess.

Kaufman field guide to birds of north america is what i use, its pretty easy to find your bird and ID it with that for the most part, hawks seem to be the hardest to ID for me.

great shots.

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