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Jun 13, 2010
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Just fooling around trying to get a sharper focus. Does it look sharper than my others?

And yeah, I think I have something funky going on with my right eye. Probably gonna have to see the eye dr next week.


I lied, I'd like C&C on this one too if you will:
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C&C per req:

1. The red stripe on her dress is 'cut yourself on it' sharp. No worries there.

2. This is a classic pose, and is nicely executed, but would benefit greatly from some fill light to reduce the dynamic range and even out the exposure which is a bit out of whack because of the brightness of the water in the foreground and the setting/rising sun. Consider using a CPOL to reduce the glare off the puddle and increase saturation in the image.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

Thanks for your reply tirediron!

So the stripe is where the focus is. Isn't that on the same plane as her eyes) or very close? I thought when I went in to 100% it looked pretty sharp on her eyes... maybe I don't get this after all. Urgh.

Two was a spur of the moment shot when walking to the playground at the park. I really liked it but wanted to seek the opinion o someone other than my facebook buddies who may or may not be loving it cause they love me (and I'm so lovable anyway lol).
You're right the eyes are sharp too; I simply commented on the stripe because that was the most obvious indicator of focus. No worries, this one is focused (but don't forget to separate subject and background more; a LOT more!).
1. What pp did you do on the eyes? Looks like you over sharpened in the pp. Also, you said the place of focus was on the stripe ... why not aim and focus on the eyes, keep it held half way down, while recomposing the shot while keeping the same distance? Just an option, if you didn't know you could do that.

2. Like the idea and lighting, but I would have tried to bend over just a little bit more to get a 'on the same level' type look. Other than that, and the blown out water ... I like it. :)
Yes tirediron lol I will. Was workin on the balcony again not much wiggle room.

Geaux, I didn't say I focused on her dress. Tired said it was sharp there and I asked I it was on the same plane cause I thought the eyes looked sharp.

Pp was a dup layer screen with about 20% opacity on the eyes. I can lower the opacity and it will probably look more natural.

Thanks for your comment on two. I was just walking behind her and liked the lines. Snapped it cause I didn't want her walking thru the water again so I could get the shot lol. You'd just have to know her but she could hurt herself in a rubber room she's so clumsy sometimes.
yea, i like the second one. Simply, it makes me think of how the child is determined to travel the journey of life, despite whatever different elements may be along the path. Right now it looks like she's walking along still waters, and may lie down in green pastures. ;)
I think you've got it, now. Good work! :thumbup:

You might want to consider a slightly larger f/#, when doing portraits. See how the little hairs toward the back of her head start to loose focus? If you bump the aperture down to f/8, those will be in sharp focus as well. Couple that with a farther background (so it's blurred more, like someone mentioned) and you'll have one stunning shot.

I really like your second shot. My only wish is that you had done a vertical orientation so more of the path ahead were visible. See how close the top of the frame is to the top of her head? I'd like 3 or 4 times as much distance, just to give her some breathing room.

Use this eye instead of the other one and I think that wedding shoot you have coming up will turn out great. ;)
I stopped using one shot uauto focus. The only thing I've changed. I think.
Technically I think. I get what your saying about the path but just after the crop line was the parking lot nd school and briiiiiight sun. I liked the green grass too, :) thanks for the comments guys.

Maybe the pic is symbolic of how she likes to ruffle the still waters lol.

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