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Dec 24, 2008
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Kennesaw, GA
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Shot this one on the interstate in the metro area of Chattanooga, TN In between Chattanooga & Knoxville. It was just a random shot, and I really didn't think it was going to turn out as cool as it did.

Wrapped sling around left hand, hung camera out driver side window as low on the car door as I could get it, and used my pinky to pull the shutter release. I know the white balance is off, but this image has no PP done to it.

C&C welcome

Its could be better. I know your good with photoshop so it should be an easy fix. As you said the white balance is off I would have really liked to see it with the whole back of the car in the shot. Also would have liked to see it with more motion blur in the image. A longer shutter speed could have been a really cool look.
Just had to say its a cool looking shot (IMO) and I was suprised where you took it. Thats my neck of the woods and they are always working on that part of the interstate.

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