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Austin Greene

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Jan 6, 2012
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Mountain View, California
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Well, I'm pleased to announce that in about 3-5 days I'll be one happy camper! I finally found one for the right price, and I was able to use my firm $300 budget to get both a brand spankin' new Canon 50mm f/1.8 and a shiny new Canon 55-250mm f/4-5.6 to pair with my T3i kit. I can't wait until the lenses show up, and I'll be posting some of the results as soon as I get a break in the weather! Just thought I would give you all a heads up, call it a way to vent my excitement ;)
Congratulations; new stuff is always exciting! I got a 50mm f/1.8, 55-300 and Kenko extension tubes, all of which arrived in the last week or so, and I've been so sick ever since I've barely gotten to play with them at all!! Now, I'm finally feeling better, but this is going to be a massively busy work-week for me. When this next contract job is done, I am taking a couple of days off from my full-time job and I'm going to go on a photo-vacation! Not necessarily traveling far, but just spending the days doing photography and relaxing!

I can already tell I'm going to LOVE mine, and I'm already starting to formulate ideas about the NEXT lens! :lol:
Hope yours come sooner rather than later, and you get to go shoot things!
Awesome. I have the same lens combo with my t1i kit. You now have about the best consumer lense for the money.

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