One of a kind 3D camera?

Discussion in 'Collector's Corner' started by Zotz, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Hello All ,
    A friend of mine was hired to clear out the Nimslo 3d warehouse a few years ago in Duluth Ga. after they went out of business .He gave me a really cool 3d cam from his haul . The only thing is ,I cant find a trace of this camera anywhere ! Ive tried 3d clubs ,repair shops and no one has ever heard of it.
    Any advice on a direction would be appreciated .
    Its called the Nimstec Pro 3D and is in a real nice aluminum case called a bagalu made in France ,the cam is also stamped made in France.It takes 120
    film and seems to be cast iron weighing about 3 lbs .It has all the connections a studio cam would have like motor ,shutter,flash etc.It also has
    its own fuse .It measures about 6 inchs square and 4 inchs deep and has a flip up viewer about 3 inchs square .I can send pics to anyone interested .
    Thanks for the help :hail:

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    Hi, pictures would be great if you have them. Your camera might be a variation of the Nimslo, but I'd have to see pics.

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