One of those days.


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Mar 28, 2008
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Muskoka Canada
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Ever feel like a fridge has just fallen on you? don't let it happen. fall on the fridge first!!!

Whats happen to her? High Bloodpressure in the face, oh, oh, shure thats a fridge and not a Canon ? Or is she freezen with her Face on the fridge? Questions over questions, set her free or place a cat on top of her. Will be result in a more funny face :D

Greetings peter
But if the bang is as hard as it seemed to have been here, it doesn't look overly healthy either to fall on the fridge first!

Are you taking part in the 365 days project?
Is it your creating a self-portrait every day? Good ideas!
I'd be HOPELESS at 365 days! Totally hopeless.
I'm NOT creative with regards to selfs at all.
That's a really funny and interesting photo...I Really like it, very original.

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