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I like the concept, but the light is a little blown out and the rest of the photo is very underexposed. I think an HDR of this would have been interesting!!
Sure HDR would have been good but for this picture I think it works also.
i like the angle, just the lighting is quite off in my opinion.
I adjusted the exposure a little.
good angle indeed. looks like you didnt even show up in any of the reflections.
id like to see just a bit more detail in the car itself. but i like the concept fo sho.
There are many ways this photo could be edited.

Not knowing exactly what you wanted the photo to express, I kind of like it after looking at it for a while. I like how there is no great definition of lines and the somewhat "fuzzy" (not oof) look feels.
Ty everyone. To add, this was taken handheld. Didnt have my tripod with me. Didnt have time to set it up anway. I have no idea what car it is but I bet some of the gear heads here know exactly what it is only from the tail light.
I'll forgive you for the underexposure since you didnt have a tripod. Assuming you couldn't get a longer shutter speed without camera shake of course ;)
But if I do longer shutter it will totally be a different mood.

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