One pine lake

Grandpa Ron

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Aug 9, 2018
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Maybe I have been cooped up with the virus to long. But I have been studying Victoria and turn of the last century photos. There is a charm to the sepia toning yet I am also enjoy the great black and white work of Ansel Adams.

I could not decide which of these prints of the sun setting on One Pine lake in MN I liked, so I posted them both. :)

One pine.jpg

One pine sepia 2.jpg
I like the second image
The sepia tone is not seen a lot now
From experience I can say it does not work on all images but In your images it works well, gives the image a vintage look.
I will have to dig up my A Adams book and take a look at his style.
I read that title as 'One Pike Lake' and thought, well there's no point in fishing there:rolleyes::D

I too prefer the softer sepia tones of the second.

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