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May 15, 2020
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I'm at a bit of a loss with this and wondered if anyone might have some suggestions for a workflow.

There's Google Photos, Amazon Photos and OneDrive. I have a NAS full of photos and videos and want to back them up on these platforms. I also want to be able to back up the photos I take with my phone in real time (incase the phone gets trashed before I can offload them). Enabling this will create duplicates on all of these platforms that then show up in the timeline view. Am I missing something, is there a better workflow?
Sounds like you don't have a Mac otherwise you'd know about this. But...if you have a Mac, Photos will backup online automatically. You can rent extra space. I have 40,000 photos+ stored online. And it's all automatic. Also with my phone--all phone pictures automatically get copied to Photos and then about once a day backed up to the cloud.
Sounds like you don't have a Mac...
No I have several flavours of Linux and Windows.

Point is that I want my NAS to be single source of truth for the photos but would want instant backup from my phone and more layers of redundancy.

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